By the time we had completed hosting about 170 guests at our Homestay, word got around that our place absolutely is safe for solo girl travelers. Some parents who stayed with us started sending their daughters and their companions to our Homestay and soon we started getting enquiries from solo travelers from around the world! 


While reminiscing on our hosting experiences, my wife Prabha and I fondly remembered a wonderful girl called Vipasha who visited one day. She arrived by early evening and because of her open mindedness and enthusiastic interactions, within just a couple of hours she became a member of our family! 

Vipasha with Prabha
Sharing a ‘family’ moment

We were thrilled to learn she was a marathon runner and that she had come down to participate in a half marathon at Bangalore and had just dropped in at our place for a brief respite from the bustle! When she joined us at dinner, she expressed her wish to cover all the major tourist spots in Coorg. But the only problem was that she had just one day, as she had to fly back to Mumbai the day after. 

Unfortunately, no taxi was available for the next day for this special mission. But we were not ones to disappoint our privileged guest! By early morning we had mobilized our expert driver and our trusted estate vehicle, the deceptively rickety looking Maruti Omni that had a ton of horsepower in her! 

Next morning, after an early sumptuous breakfast, we flagged off our vehicle with Vipasha in the van, all smiles, as she waved goodbye to us. We also gave express instructions to be ultra careful regarding the safety aspects of the drive through the hilly terrains of our lovely Coorg. 

By late evening he had successfully covered almost all important spots with probably efficient time management on her part and she came back home to us with a beaming smile of accomplishment!

We loved every bit of hosting Vipasha, and it felt wonderful that in only one day, she had become just like our daughter! But what we remember most is her excellent sense of humor. A fine example was the one word answer to our query:

“How was the driver?”




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