Cloud 9

Cloud 9 cottage forms an extension of the Souland Estates Bungalow. It is an independent cottage within the Estate boundary that has been carefully designed, complimenting the aesthetics of the Bungalow.

The Loft

Standing tall at a height of about 15 feet, The Loft, aptly named, is a luxury cottage with glass walls that provide beautiful views at a treetop level. There is also a one of a kind queen size swing bed to lull you to sleep, and an uber luxurious bathroom with a hot tub which also has beautiful views of the greenery around.

The Granary

The Granary is a wooden cottage built on tall stilts. The Granary is actually a 100 year old wooden granary, where the family stored grains from the rice field over generations. It is now converted into a beautiful cottage with the balcony overlooking vast expanses of coffee estates , surrounded by fruit trees on all sides!